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Inspiring cultural and family acceptance,
by giving one trans womanthe quinceañera she never had.


In Mexican culture, families present their daughters to society as women, at the age of 15, with the traditional quinceañera party. There are over 1 million celebrations every year. But most trans women are never celebrated when they transition, no matter at what age. And with machismo running deep in culture, trans hate is at an all-time high in Mexico.


We'll call out social injustice, by giving one trans woman – Isa Judha – the quinceañera celebration she never had, at the age of 44. 

Pantene threw Isa Judha – a trans woman and mother of two –  a quinceañera party, to celebrate her as a woman. She allowed us to document and join her celebration, as she sent a bold statement to the world, that EVERY woman deserves to be celebrated. No matter what, no matter when. We launched our powerful message on International Day of Trans Visibility, to inspire millions of trans people all over the world. 

Director: Nicole Heiniger         DP: Estela Padilha

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My Role: ACD/Art     ACD/Copy: Bryan Burns      Creative Direction: Arturo Macouzet & Javier Bonilla

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